Interesting Fact About F# Dev

I have recently become interested in a new programming language called F#.

It is a functional programming language which seems to have taken a few queues from OCaml, with some .NET framework jazz added in for good measure. It is a language developed by the people at Microsoft Research.

In C# to include your own custom namespace or class you use the “using” keyword followed by your namespace or class name. In F# there is a keyword for that as well, “open”, where you can specify a namespace or a module.  Sounds easy enough. Not so fast. It appears that the order of your files makes a difference. So if you are getting a “The namespace or module ‘[module|namespace]‘ is not defined’ try moving that file up in the solution explorer.

Moral of the story -> When in doubt change the order of your files………………about.

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What the Duece

2009 has came and went.

Amy graduated, we moved. It has snowed, it has rained and it has snowed some more.

Amy has been working in the Target Optical for 4ish months now, and I have been working at Mondo a little less then that. We are both enjoying our work even though I have to drive around a hour each way to get to work. It has proven to be worth the drive so far. I have listened to maybe 5 books in the time since I started working here, it really helps pass the time.

Aside from work we got Amy a new bike so that we can ride together. We have been super cold a bunch, it has been a pretty cold and snowing winter so far, and January isn’t even over. In the next few weeks you will be able to find us up on a mountain and trying to stay warm.

See ya’ll around and Happy New Years!

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Venga – Come; just one of the many words Amy and I learned on our trip.

It was such a blast to experience another culture. Eating ham and bread, lunch at 3ish and dinner at 9 or 10. Seeing ancient Roman walls in the middle of the city, it was all such a great experience. We cannot wait to go back to Europe.

But instead of talking about it, go take a look at the pictures of our trip.

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So Amy and I are going to Spain, in just a couple days now.

1 PM flight to Dallas then a 9 and a half hour flight to Madrid; 11.5 hours on plane total. Then it will be a whirlwind of exotic food and exotic activities. Like tapas bars and bull fights, not to mention flamenco dances and ancient castles/churches.

We plan to take a ton of pictures, so look for those in a couple weeks.

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40 Miles

It all started when a friend invited me to go on a bike ride with him, he typically goes on longer rides with his road bike. So I was a little hesitant at first since 1.) I don’t have a road bike and 2.) I have never ridden a road bike.

First thing was to find me a bike to use because trying to keep up on my mountain bike was out of the question. We found a place to rent a bike. Then we preceded to ride for 2 and a half hours. That 2.5 hours translated into practically a 40 mile ride (This was our route). It was a pretty fun time, however the next few days I was pretty sore, actually really dang sore.

Ever since this ride I have been riding my MTB to the light rail and taking the light rail into work.

Then last week I got myself a new road bike. Amy and I rented her a road bike so we could go on a ride together. She enjoyed it and now is contemplating getting a bike herself.

I really love my bike, and I enjoy riding it. If you are in the area and would like to ride some weekend hit me up.


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Here is the design for my tetris clone game. Any ideas about how to improve/expand on it would be helpful.

Tetris Clone Design

Tetris Clone Design


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4th of July

On man what a 4th of July. We went up to Lake Granby with my family.

Lake Granby is a lake that is up in the mountains, maybe 20 miles north of Winter Park.

It was so dang cold and rainy most of the time. I know it is the mountains and that I should have expected it to be sort of cold; Well I didn’t expect this. So as you can imagine since I thought it would be warmer, my wife and I only brought a few items for the cold. Needless to say, we were unprepared for this weekend.

We slept in the cuddy cabin of the boat, which was nice(once we closed the door).

It was a somewhat unpleasant weekend because of the weather. But the best part of the trip came on the drive home.

We took Trail Ridge Road, which goes through Rocky Mountain Nation Park. O’Boy it was really great. I would highly recommend that drive to anyone and everyone. We got some really great pictures, and some really great memories. I will post some pictures soon, maybe by this weekend, and then I will put a link here. The images are here, and some more.

Maybe next year it will be nicer, but if we go up there again you know which way we will be going home.

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We Made It

Well we are finally in Denver. It has been a long time coming. From deciding last year that this is where we were going to end up, to telling my work that we were leaving, to packing it all up, and lastly to driving out here. But we are hear and the first few days have been really nice.

We split the drive up into two days. The first day was pretty uneventful, Amy slept a lot of it. We stopped in Hutchinson, Kansas. The second day was not much more exciting but it started off really strangely. We get maybe 20 minutes from Hutchinson on day 2. And we happen to come by a Bed and Breakfast and (get this) an exotic animal farm. They had all kinds of animals; zebras, ostriches, zebus, yaks, and so much more.

Amy has talked with a few doctors in town and is meeting a couple of them. I have a second interview next week with a company. We went on a hike yesterday(Pictures coming soon to flickr). And I started to run with my dad. We are going to get him in a 5K this summer, maybe even a 10K by the end of summer.

We are pretty happy to be here and expect everyone to come and visit us once we get a house and settle in.

Edit (5/21): Some more pictures are here as well.


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What a Joke

There has been a lot of noise recently about banning the comic sans typeface from the default set of Fonts that come with Windows. It seems like the main argument is that it should be banned because it is used in inappropriate ways, such as warning signs or “serious” marketing campaigns. The original purpose of this font was to replace Times New Roman from being used in comic strips.

The following link is just the latest in articles I have seen about this issue.

I personally haven’t found a need for this font, but I think this is such a silly idea(baring some better arguments to ban the font). If people want to shot themselves in the foot by using a bad font, by all means, and don’t forget to thank Microsoft from making the gun so accessible. I mean if you want to kill you entire message by misusing the font who am I to stop you. But the reality is that if you use bad typography it can go a long way to discrediting your message. Be it the wrong typeface, or poor spacing.

The point I am trying to make is that typography can go a long way towards success or failure, depending on how you use it. Maybe instead of typeface-ism, we should educate people since this is the information age.

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I am out of breath

The last time I went on a run was about this time last year. It was a half marathon in Nashville. I actually did pretty good.

However, a lot has changed since then. Mostly my physical conditioning.

While I was running a few things came to mind.

  1. It is really that hard to keep up the grass and overall up keep of the landscape along the river. I mean it looked like trash.
  2. This one if for you ladies out there. DO NOT wear your perfume while out on the trail. I am breathing really hard and when I pass you I get a mouth full of that nasty stuff. Have you ever eaten perfume? It is gross.
  3. Do not wait a year between runs, it is sort of tough.

I made it and hopefully I won’t wait another year till the next one.

Have a happy Easter.


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